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Your intranet over the internet

Tailscale + your devices = anywhere access. Here's how I used Tailscale to access my devices from anywhere.

14 April 2024

9 minutes

Building a PC, by a newbie

I got to build a PC during the semester break, how fun!

4 June 2023

11 minutes

GenAI's introspection

A fun experiment with a generative AI model writing a blog post about itself. How cool.

19 April 2023

6 minutes

In strive for perfection

Perfectionism has always been with me, and I think it's more a boon than bane sometimes.

18 March 2023

6 minutes

Hack Club's Epoch: an opportunity of a lifetime

I got a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to have a go at helping out in a hackathon thousands of kilometres away from home. I left anxious, but returned with so much to share.

26 January 2023

22 minutes

2022 in review

A reflection about the things that have happened in 2022.

6 January 2023

12 minutes

A long journey to setting up Raspberry Pi

It took me several months to get my Raspberry Pi up and working; I'll share my journey from ordering it to making it accessible over the internet.

30 September 2022

12 minutes

Taking part in PolyFinTech100 API Hackathon 2022

Learn more about what I've learnt from this year's iteration of the PolyFinTech100 API Hackathon.

25 September 2022

8 minutes

Experiencing Dolby Atmos

A mix of an innovative spatial audio technology and the placebo effect makes me have greater appreciation for music.

8 August 2022

7 minutes

Code readability

Understand my perspective on code readability and what it means to me when developing.

9 July 2022

7 minutes

Coding on Windows

Discover what I've learnt about coding when switching from macOS to Windows.

22 May 2022

7 minutes

Reflections from a liminal space

I've learnt a lot in the months between education stages. Read more about the reflections I've had along the way.

11 April 2022

12 minutes

CodeDay Singapore 2022

Learn more about my experience taking part in CodeDay Singapore 2022.

20 March 2022

7 minutes

Taking part in iNTUition v8.0

Learn more about my experience going through iNTUition v8.0, a hackathon, and my lessons through it.

1 March 2022

10 minutes

Social media: a catch-22

I explore the idea of social media, being in it, and leaving it as a teenager.

3 February 2022

7 minutes

Organising my website's repository

Learn more about why and how I changed how I organised my website's repository on GitHub.

1 February 2022

8 minutes

My front-end tech stack

A little sharing about what I use to write front-end code and build websites circa 2022.

16 January 2022

4 minutes

The importance of support

If there's anything I learned this year, it was to learn to support — support yourself, learning to reach out, and supporting others.

19 December 2021

7 minutes

Building my blog

Get to know the technical details on how I built my blog from scratch using Next.js and Tailwind CSS.

5 December 2021

15 minutes

Hello, world!

An introduction to function() and more about who I am and what I hope to accomplish with the blog.

28 November 2021

2 minutes