Hello, world!

Date written

28 November 2021

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2 minutes

Hello, world!

This attempt at starting a blog of my own certainly isn't one of my first. If you tried looking hard enough on the Internet, you'd find many different blogs I created in the past on a wide array of platforms. I had little intention and direction for where I wanted to head with my blog back then.

Now, though, slowly gaining skills as a developer, I'm more inclined to have a reason to have a blog. To me, it's a wonderful opportunity to share more about my experience about anything. For starters, it may be just for myself — a little repository of tips and helpful messages to pass down to me. But, in the future, perhaps my blog may reach others too. For what it's worth, I hope that this blog will be beneficial one way or another to me and the visitors that come by. (If you're reading this and aren't me, thanks for stopping by!)


Just to have a solid foundation on where I'm headed with this blog, I'd like to set a few categories of posts that I can make. At the top of my head as of writing, these categories include:

  • learning logs — documenting what I have tried, the reasons for doing what I did, and resources I've referred to while learning. In a way, it's learning in public — a concept I came across recently and came to be fond of;
  • experiences — sharing my experience going through or doing certain things, like a particular event or even trying out a new platform or app; and
  • code snippets and valuable resources — passing the baton of useful articles, Stack Overflow posts, and more.

Of course, this list isn't exhaustive, and I may wish to add more categories if they're appropriate for my blog. I hope you'll enjoy reading each post the way they are, nonetheless!

This blog

This blog is built with Next.js, styled with Tailwind CSS, and deployed on Vercel. The design was intentionally made to replicate the design system from my website, so it wasn't too difficult trying to port over a design system previously built the same way over to this project.

I've written another article going through the nitty-gritty of how this blog was made in the form of a learning log. If you're interested in that, feel free to check that blog post out!

Thank you!

Thanks for stopping by this blog! This blog is in its early stages, but I hope to continue writing more and refining the blog as I go on. It's definitely more convenient that the source code was written by me!

Here's to more blog posts. Thank you once again for stopping by, and come again soon!